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Shirley Hodgin and Andrea Osborne





In the fall of 2010, we suspected my mother had Alzheimer’s. She was only 64.

I was broken hearted
when our fears were
realized and Mom did indeed have
Alzheimer’s. To cope and reach out in the best way I know,
I set about creating a CD with 14 songs of healing, hope and love.
The tracks come from a wide variety of songwriters, but together they
say all the things I want to say to my Mom. She has always been my rock
& my strength, and now I want to be hers.

“Together We’ll Go” is my ultimate love song to my mother.
I know this music will touch her now and forever…Mom, take my hand,
and together we’ll go.

All net proceeds from the sale of this album go to Alzheimers North Carolina

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